• In this Privacy statement the following terms will have the meaning as defined below,
    1. iCasting: the user of this Privacy statement: IQ-Concepts B.V. registered in Zwolle, Luttekestraat 68 8011 LS, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under KvK-nummer 73363766:
  • user: the candidate or client that enters into an agreement with iCasting and who uses the services offered on the website of iCasting;
  • Visitor: the visitor of the website;
  • website: the (mobile) website, managed by iCasting and the online application (“app”);
  • personal data: the personal data of the users, processed by iCasting..


  • iCasting respects the privacy of the users. Personal data of users will be processed and secured very carefully.
  • iCasting respects the Personal Data Protection Act and has registered with the College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens in Den Haag that she deals with the personal data, notification number (in request). More information about the College BeschermingPersoonsgegevens and privacy can be found on


  • Users with questions about the Privacy statement can contact iCasting via or via the address in article 2.3.

Providing personal data is not compulsory

  • In principle, the provision of personal data is not compulsory. At all times, you have the choice whether you want to enter your personal data or not. However, in order to make use of some of our services, the entry of your personal data is necessary. When you are asked to enter data, it will be specified which information is necessary to avail of the service and which information therefore must be entered, and which data is optional.

Types of data and purpose of processing

  • When offering services, we may process personal data. This concerns data such as your name, contact details, date of birth, gender, email address, and also data about your interests as a user of our website. This data may be known to us because you have indicated that you care about certain topics or because we have derived your interests from the way you use our websites or services.
  • It may also be that you have given us access to certain data (e.g. location data, or through links with social media). In addition, financial information such as bank account number is processed when the user purchases a service through the website, to the extent that these data are necessary for the payment of the service.
  • iCasting servers may also automatically record certain information, including the URL, IP address, browser type and language, and the date and time of the visit to the website.
  • iCasting collects and processes personal data for the following purposes:
    1. for effectuating and implementing an agreement we have entered into with the user;
    2. to offer and deliver to you the agreed services, products and/or information, as well as to adapt these to your needs and desires;
    3. to allow you the opportunity to post and share information on our website, or - if the site includes this option - to contact other users;
    4. to invoice, in case of a paid service. iCasting never publishes information on her website, and the information isn’t made available for third parties in any other case than the execution of the agreement. If the user refuses to pay, iCasting may transfer the claim to a third party such as a collection agency;
    5. to send the user, if the user has given his prior permission to iCasting, a newsletter, offer or other electronic messages;
    6. to send the user a service message or user information via e-mail;
    7. to comply with the rules and regulations applicable to us and for dealing with disputes and the execution of (audit) inspections;
    8. to comply with the applicable legislation and regulation and to deal with disputes and to perform (accountant) controls.
    9. In principle, iCasting will save your personal data for as long as it is necessary for the aforementioned purposes, or to comply with our statutory obligation.

    Sharing and publishing personal data

    • iCasting can only share personal data with third parties after prior notice about what data needs to be shared and to what purpose and only if the user has given his prior agreement for the distribution of his personal data to third parties, unless article 6.2 shall apply.
    • iCasting has the right to share personal data with third parties without prior notice:
    1. as part of a legal provision or legal procedure;
    2. to protect the rights of the property of iCasting;
    3. to prevent a crime of to protect the national security;
    4. when suspecting fraud of other illegal activities;
    5. when sharing the data of the candidate with the matching client is necessary to execute the agreement between iCasting and the user.
    • Only if you have provided iCasting with (explicit) consent to do so, we can use your electronic contact details, such as your email address, for sending information and offers provided by third parties about their products and services.
    • This kind of information and offers will always be sent from iCasting. This kind of information and offers of third parties will always be assessed by iCasting and sent by iCasting. The usercan always withdraw any permission he has given for third parties to use these electronic contact details. He can withdraw this permission by:
      1. Sending an e-mail to;
      2. Unsubscribing from this kind of commercial e-mail messages by clicking the link in the e-mail with the commercial message.
      • The opportunity to unsubscribe from commercial e-mail messages is mentioned in every commercial e-mail the user receives.
      • If the user withdraws his permission for using his data for direct marketing purposes, the use of the data will be stopped immediately.
      • iCasting is entitled to share any anonymous information with third parties, such as the number of users who searched for a particular search term, or how many users clicked on a particular ad. On the basis of this data, specific users can be identified.


      • At all times, when processing personal data, we maintain a level of security which – given the current state of technology – is adequate to prevent unauthorised access to, and manipulation, publication or loss of personal data.

      Opposition, access, rectification and removal of personal data

      • If you would like to know what personal data relating to you we have processed, if you would like to rectify this data or would like to have data removed in accordance with applicable regulations, you can send an email to or send a letter to IQ-Concepts B.V., addressed to “Klantenservice Privacy”, Luttekestraat 68, 8011 LS Zwolle, mentioning ‘access/rectification/removal of personal data’. The user can also mention the withdrawal of his personal data for commercial communication or for third parties. The user needs to mention his full name, address and place of residence. The message needs to include a copy of the user’s ID card, this way iCasting knows the information has been sent by the right person. If we cannot (fully) establish to which personal data your request for access, rectification or removal relates, we may ask you to specify your request further. We will suspend the execution of your request until you have provided us with these (further) specifications. After dealing with your request, we will always send you a confirmation message.
      • o iCasting will end the use of the personal data for the purposes the user has requested as soon as possible after receiving the request and in case of a legal request for deleting or adjusting, iCasting will delete or adjust the personal data, unless iCasting has the legal obligation to save those personal data or when there are (other) compelling reasons against deleting or adjusting the data.
      • Also, our website enables you to view or modify your personal data, and offers the possibility to remove your personal data entered into such a website using the specified options available.

      Children below the age 16

      • iCasting (also) offers services to children. The parent(s) or legal representatives of children below the age of 16 years–in the best interest of their child- should read this privacy & cookie policy. The parent(s) or legal representatives can object to the processing of personal data of the child, access or correct the personal data, or give permission for the use of electronic contact details, such as an email address, for sending information and offers of products and services of third parties.

      Cookie policy

      • Cookies are simple, small text files that are stored on the hard drive or in the memory of your computer. Cookies cannot damage your computer or the files that are stored on your computer.
      • The cookie will help iCasting, or another company or website, to recognize your device the next time you visit the site. There are many functions cookies serve. For instance, they can help us to remember your preferences and interests
      • Cookies can help us to analyse how well our website is performing or adjust our content to what is most relevant to you.
      • iCasting can also use cookies (depends on the permission) to adjust ads on the website to the needs and interests of the visitor, to prevent showing the same ad over and over again and to register how many times an ad is shown. These cookies are called session cookies and will be deleted when the visitor closes his browser. iCasting also uses so called unique-id cookies to recognise a visitor as a unique visitor. This cookie stays on the website for one year and vanishes automatically if you haven’t visited the website in one year. To conclude, iCasting can use temporarily cookies. These cookies register the browsing habits of the visitor on the website during 90 days. When the visitor visits the website for the 91st day, the cookie from day one disappears. All the cookies will be deleted after 180 days of inactivity after the last visit of the visitor.
      • The visitor has the option to allow, block or delete cookies installed on your computer by setting your browser options installed on your terminal. Every browser has different procedures to delete and block cookies. The Help function within your browser should tell you how to delete and block cookies.If the visitor blocks the use of cookies (by setting his browser), some of the functions or services on the website might not work.
      • The visitor always has the option to accept or deny cookies or to get a notification when the website installs a cookie.

      Changing the Privacy statement and Cookie policy

      • iCasting has the right to change this privacy statement and cookie policy. iCasting advises the visitor to regularly check if there have been any changes. If we make any significant changes, we will ensure that this is made known more prominently, for example via e-mail for specific services.