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We believe in the power of a self-sustaining community of talents and clients.

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If you’re a talent that just started out as an extra, there’s a client here looking for you. If you’re a client looking for an experienced professional, there’s a talent here waiting for you.

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With an evergrowing community iCasting is quickly becoming the leading marketplace for talent. A tremendous amount of talents and clients are interacting on a daily basis, posting jobs, fullfilling dreams and creating a thriving community of supply and demand.

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iCasting Academy &

Our very own academy and tv-channel, that provides you with a look behind-the-scenes, in depth interviews, and dozens of courses for various talents!. Even for the seasoned professional! The more you develop your talent, the bigger the chances are to land that dream job.




TV Candidates



Hair models


Are you made for the catwalk? Are you the one who never looks bad in a picture? Being a model means you use your body to pose for art. Show off clothes, jewelry or even nail polish. Being in front of a camera is just right for you, wether it’s for a local ad or a giant marketing campaign, you’ve got it in you. Join iCasting today!





Parts models


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Through our very extensive database and highly customizable ‘create a job’ feature clients can focus their search for all kinds of talents with all levels of experience. As a talent you will automatically be notified of upcoming jobs that fit your profile. The jobs come to you!

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Anyone with talent is welcome to register for an account, regardless of experience, gender, age, appearance or ethnicity. Signing up is completely free.



Everyone who is looking for a talent can register for free with iCasting. As a client, an individual, a company or a brand.



Since our pilot launch in the Netherlands we succesfully matched more than 35.000 talents.

What are the

  • Find a talent, get matched, quick and easy!
  • No interference of agencies or agents, eliminating additional fees.
  • Real-time chat, where both parties can discuss the job details.
  • Pay for work safely and securely. We only release the payment when you are 100% satisfied with the job or the work provided!